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About the Whole Foods Cleanse

My 10 days adventure into a whole food cleanse

My name is Nathalie and I’m a principal in an elementary school in Montreal, Quebec. My work is very stressful and has the school year goes by, my energy level gets lower and lower. When I heard about the “Spring Whole Food Cleanse” from Le petit Chou, I’ve decided to give it a try in order to get my energy back and feel more in harmony with my mind and body.

I’ve started by reading the document “Spring Whole Food Cleanse.” Then Genevieve answered all my questions through a phone consultation. After that, I was ready to start the whole food spring cleanse.

These are the observations that I made over the 10 days that lasted the Whole Food Cleanse:

  • I usually get bloated by night but during the whole food cleanse, and as the days went by, I felt lighter.

  • My energy level came back and I went through the days without having the urge to snack.

  • The recipes that Genevieve suggested were very easy to make, the ingredients were simple and easy to find and everything tasted very good.

  • My skin complexion improved.

  • I got fewer headaches.

  • My digestive system, especially my liver, felt brand new!

  • I was already familiar with most of the ingredients that Genevieve uses for her recipes but during my experience I got more familiar with seaweeds.

  • And I discovered “congee.” A unique, simple and nourishing soup I enjoyed so much that it became one of my favorite “pick me up” on stressful days.

Overall, I have to say that the experience was well worth it.  Not only did it make me feel better but also through it, I understood the importance of nourishing my body with whole foods in order to be at my best all year round.

Nathalie- Montreal

About Nutrition Counseling:


We would like to thank you for the time you spent in providing your insight
into proper nutrition and to discuss what products
needed to be eliminated from our refrigerator!
You are very knowledgable in what foods are going to assist in losing weight
and how to live a healthier and more beneficial lifestyle.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your recipes.

Andre and Kathryn

The consultation with Genevieve was excellent.
Her tips on what to eat to better your body
mind and soul were more than what I expected.
She was very knowledgeable on supplements and
what I should and should not be taking.
She then sent an amazing detailed follow up and recipes.
The consultation was well worth it. Thanks Again!

Janice -Penticton

Genevieve has taught me so much,
I feel I’ve made a lot of progress already.
She is very insightful yet not intimidating.
She is very understanding of my busy schedule
and since starting her program I have increase energy
and much better sleep patterns.
This is a great program, I suggest it for everyone!

Sonya – Vernon

I would like to sincerely thank you for the initial ‘visit’ today
– you are a lovely person to chat openly with
and I really felt listened to in a meaningful way – thank you!

Jane -Vancouver

“Working with Genevieve has been a very positive experience.
She has a fabulous method of guiding understanding of nutrition.
Genevieve is easy to talk with, she is both passionate about her work
as well as deeply understanding of how to personalize her
consultation to individuals so that the best possible outcome is achieved .
I would recommend Genevieve to anyone seeking to deepen
their understanding and awareness of nutritional health”.

-Maxine, Kelowna

“Thank you so much again,
you’ve helped me to rock out of the winter 🙂

-Lisa L, Vancouver

“I love that you came right to my home for the consultation.
What better place to see exactly what’s in the pantry
and what shouldn’t be.”

-Judy M. Kelowna

Hi Genevieve,

the consultation was great.
You explained things in an easy to understand way,
answered all my questions knowledgably
and helped me find food that fit into my lifestyle.
I greatly appreciate your time!
I will keep your email and contact you
with any questions I have in the future.
Being healthy isn’t nearly as easy and
straightforward as it should be.
If I know anyone looking for some advice I will lead them your way!
-Randi ,Kelowna


I really enjoyed chatting with you.

You have inspired me to improve my family’s diet.

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible recipes and resources!

I look forward to implementing as many as possible.

-C.R, Kelowna

Geneviève inspires a unique approach to wellness
through the use of herbs, seasonal foods and traditional food preparation.
These simple adjustments to diet can translate into health
and vitality as well as a more interesting food choices.
I look forward to trying her recipes and suggestions.

-Sarah Chiarello, Vancouver BC

About the Healthy Pantry:

Hi Genevieve,

I really appreciated your visit to my home for the healthy pantry session.

I went through a grocery store tour once regarding healthy choices

and reading labels and I was overwhelmed in no-time.

With you taking me step-by-step in the comfort and quiet of my home,

and being able to ask all kinds of questions,

I was comfortable and open to the learning for the entire time.

You made the, what I thought to be,

complicated change to healthy choices simple and easy and non-threatening.

I felt relief that I was already eating a lot of the good stuff and could

make the changes as gradually as I liked

– not to throw away – just use up and change over.

This is a cost saver.

I like that I do not have to eat foods that I do not like and can add

some new and really interesting foods and ingredients.

I liked some of your simple instructions on how to cook some of the things

– such as soaking beans and lentils overnight

– then the next day they only require approx. 45 minutes of cooking

– even easy for me to do.

This was a great birthday gift for me and one that can be of benefit

for the entire year and thereafter.

I appreciate your offer to call or email you with some questions I may have

after reading the materials.

The materials and information are fantastic – easy to read with loads of detail.


-Catherine Alcee, Burnaby

Enlightening yet not intimidating hour learning things about food my mother never new and my family’s bodies and souls will be grateful for. Better shopping choices and LIVE food was fun and easy. I recommend Genevieve to anyone that wants to improve eating habits by learning more about food.

-Marta Aragones, Vancouver BC

Geneviève walked into my kitchen, had a quick tour of the pantry, and within minutes she had a list in mind of ideas and options to improve my health and lifestyle. We sat at the kitchen table and discussed my preferences and tastes over a cup of tea. She gave me a list of substitutes for the items that needed to be improved, and I have to admit, all of them sounded yummy!

With Geneviève, I learned that eating healthy doesn’t mean that I have to give up on taste. I feel more energized than ever and, more importantly, satisfied with my diet changes.

-Nathalie B.,  Vancouver, BC

Geneviève’s workshop on nutrition was excellent! Filled with useful information mixed with humour to keep her audience intrigued! Her incorporation of insight into a vegetarian diet was extremely helpful for me. Geneviève had a well rounded presentation of nutrition by showing her audience the Chinese medicinal methods as well as the Western perception of nutrition. Selecting Geneviève to explain nutrition in French and English was a fabulous idea. I definitely recommend Geneviève as a guide in nutritional education!

-Tara Hawkins, Kelowna, BC

I have known Geneviève for more than 10 years, both professionally and personally. During this time, I have always admired her passion and commitment to natural foods and their healing powers. She is a fabulous teacher and can draw anyone into health and wellness.

As a personal trainer, I have recommended Geneviève to many of my clients. Whether they were looking for a total lifestyle change or just wanted to include a few new and healthy options into their routine, Geneviève’s guidance always helped them meet their goals with ease.

-Tracey Almeida, Personal Trainer, Delta, BC

The switch to feeding my family from frozen entrees everyday, to homemade delicious and healthy food wasn’t very hard. Your teaching is simple and not overwhelming. Best of all, everyone is looking forward to the next meal!

Thank you

-Monica, Vancouver, BC

Geneviève empowers me to have a greater understanding of unique foods and ingredients, combined with their health and lifestyle benefits. She has educated me on how to utilize such products as seaweeds, whole grains and traditional methods of fermentation. Umeboshi plums and tsampa are just two of the many items she has presented that I can incorporate into my culinary repertoire and create healthier meals. Being a professional chef, fresh knowledge, new tools, and techniques enable me to stay ahead of the curb.

Therefore, if Geneviève is able to provide me with a larger food and health overview, I am positive she can do the same for you!

-James Hanna, Chef de Cuisine -RauDZ Regional Table, Kelowna, BC

About the Wholesome Lunchbox:

The consultation was ver helpful.She gave me peices of advice, such as how to make small changes to become healthier. I have been eating much better than I did before. I started cooking a lot more and take home lunch to school now. I do feel better and even less hungry.
Now I am and I feel much better, thank you!

-Sayaka, Kelowna, BC

“Le Petit Chou’s Wholesome Lunchbox turned my bad eating habits around. Genevieve was very helpful and adaptive to my eating style and health needs. The consult wasn’t about weight loss, or learning to cut corners to lose one more pound. It’s an educational tool for individuals and their families on best way to pick nutritious options. Thanks to the Wholesome Lunch Box I feel as though I am consuming worthwhile calories throughout the day and staying satisfied.

-Mac, ethicalDeal

For those working 40+ hours a week, finding the energy to make it through the day can be tough. Snacking on a granola bar after drinking a large, soy Americano misto seems like a healthy choice on the go, but fast-forward to 2 hours later and we find ourselves crashing and craving a big greasy burger for lunch.

I consider myself a healthy person. I try to eat a balanced breakfast and pack a lunch for work as often as I can; however, there are areas where I can improve my eating habits. I often get bored, a common problem for those who make lunches for themselves or their families, and find myself snacking on less healthy options throughout the day. This is where today’s ethicalDeal – 67% off Diet Consultation with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist – really turned it around for me. I opted for the Wholesome Lunchbox and felt like I walked away with some valuable tools to help me make healthier choices while still satisfying my taste buds.

Before the phone consultation Genevieve, the owner and founder of Le Petit Chou, provided me with an e-book as a starting point to the nutritional consultation. The e-book explained the role of the food groups, provided a strategic angle to approach grocery shopping, and finished with some nutritious and delicious recipes. I found the e-book quite helpful as a foundation for the rest of the consultation.

During the phone consultation Genevieve was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She easily tweaked my current eating habits into more health conscious options. For example, she explained the five flavours – bitter, sweet, pungent, salty, and sour – and how eating foods that satisfy these flavours can help curb cravings. This was a great “aha” moment and really helped me to plan lunches and snacks that would avoid resorting to junk food during the day. Genevieve expressed the importance of diversifying lunches to ensure satisfaction and recommended making larger dinners in order to have leftovers for lunch the next day.

I highly recommend the carrot soup recipe from the e-book. I’ve never made a soup before, so I was a bit nervous to try it. I was surprised at how easy the soup was to make and how delicious it tasted!

Le Petit Chou’s Wholesome Lunchbox turned my bad eating habits around. Genevieve was very helpful and adaptive to my eating style and health needs. The consult wasn’t about weight loss, or learning to cut corners to lose one more pound. It’s an educational tool for individuals and their families on the best way to pick nutritious options. Thanks to the Wholesome Lunch Box I feel as though I am consuming worthwhile calories throughout the day and staying satisfied.

-Mac, ethicaldeal

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