Le Petit Chou offers a Whole Some Lunch box eBook and a Whole Foods Cleanse eBook written by Geneviève Blanchet, with or without consultation. If you are interested in purchasing an eBook or booking a consultation, contact Geneviève at genevieveblanchet @ hotmail (dot) com.

  Spring Whole Foods Cleanse eBook -$19,99


Cleansing with Wholefoods


Are You Craving a Jump Start to Your Health?

Are You Looking for a Safe Detox ?

Try this Easy, Delicious and Totally Effective Spring Whole Foods Cleanse

It is whole foods based, powerful, easy and invigorating.You can schedule your cleanse when it’s most convenient for you and choose from a 3 days quick fix or most cleansing 2-3 weeks detox plan.This cleanse is whole foods based, no powders or pills .

This is the perfect cleanse for everyone who wants to get fit, healthy and full of energy!

This 60 pages eBook includes:

    • Meal plan with tasty recipes

    • All recipes are gluten, sugar, dairy and eggs free

    • List of beneficial herbs, teas and optional supplements to help you cleansing

    • List of foods to avoid

    • Beneficial cleansing foods of the season

    • A comprehensive list of foods to eat

    • Recipes for bath, facial mask and beauty tips

    • Shopping list

    • And more!

Why do I need to Cleanse ?

Refined and process foods, toxins, poor water and chemicals in food and our home put a lot of strain on our internal organs. The body has to work hard to digest, assimilate, and eliminate; overtime this natural process slow down or even stop completely. Cleansing gives a chance to eliminate old cellular material, toxins and bacteria so the body can re-energize and rebuilt itself.

What are the benefits?

Higher level of clarity and concentration, better sleep and relaxation, more energy and vitality, improved digestion, regular bowel movements, weight loss, clear skin and radiant hair are just the beginning.


Meyer Lemon Elixir

Will I have to drink strange concoctions and will I find all the ingredients for the recipes easily?

This gentle whole foods- based cleanse focuses on simple and tasty foods. Nothing complicated, remember, you are giving your body a rest from your regular eating patterns. Simple foods are easier to digest and are best for detoxification.

Will I be always hungry during the cleanse?

Cleansing is not fasting. You need maximum energy each day to maintain your busy daily schedule. You will feed yourself highly nutritious foods, while your body will detoxify.

To purchase this eBook contact Geneviève at genevieveblanchet@hotmail.com

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Wholesome Lunch Box eBook~$9,99

jardin c lala

Picking lunch in the garden


Learn everything you need to know about wholesome foods and how to pack fast and healthy lunches for school to your family.

Confuse how to make healthy lunches? All the basics are covered plus the recipes are delicious!

This 40 pages eBook includes:

  • Foundational material to help you skillfully make good food choices

  • Understanding the nourishment your family requires

  • Healthy Pantry guide

  • Shopping Healthy

  • Eating well on a budget

  • Smart lunch menus

  • 18 delicious recipes

  • Gluten free, dairy free recipes

  • And more!

To purchase this eBook, contact Geneviève at genevieveblanchet@hotmail.com

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