Le Meadow’s Pantry

Le Meadow's Pantry

Le Meadow’s Pantry is my new line of preserves that I sell at Farmer’s Market of the Sea to Sky and North Shore. Visit my blog www.lemeadowfoodstories.com to learn more!

Le Meadow’s Pantry makes over 20 varieties of shelf-stable jam and marmalade. Cooked by hand, all natural, and using mostly local fruit. We combine old-world techniques and modern taste awareness to preserve that vibrant fruit flavour.

Much of our fruits are sourced locally from small farms and we also use some of the fruits that we grow at Le Meadow’s Pantry in Pemberton, B-C. The fruits on our farm are red and black currants, blackberries, crab apples, rhubarb, apples, gooseberries, goji berries and cherries.

Our marmalades are made with  high quality citrus from California and we use a traditional three-day technique. This  labor intensive process  is what gives our marmalades their rich and balanced flavour.  To each batch we add local ingredients such as; organic vanilla and organic cinnamon extract from Pemberton Distillery,herbs and flowers from our farm, liquor, honey, and sea salt from Vancouver Island.

Our jams are made with local fruits available in season and are cooked as quickly as possible to seize the pure flavour of the fruit and keep its intensely fresh taste. We try to make as much as we can while the fruits are perfectly ripe, but they sell out quickly so they may not always be available. You are always welcome to inquire about your favorite flavour, and we are happy to suggest another flavour that we think will appeal to  you.

All our preserves are  made in small batches in copper preserving pans or enameled cast iron pans. Each pan produces about a dozen jars at a time. Cooking jams and marmalades in tiny batches are more work for us, but this is how we achieve such delightful and luscious preserves. Cooking smaller batches captures the bright flavours and the essence of the fruits.

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