About Le Petit Chou


Le Petit Chou’s mission is to provide the essential information for healing through diet while providing advices

for the seasonal and nutritional use of plants and produce for optimal health.

Most everyone can benefit from seeking advice from a Holistic Nutritionist. If you want to enhance your health, seek advice on a disease or illness that has already been diagnosed, lose weight or prevent future chronic conditions, a Holistic Nutritionist can certainly help you.

Le Petit Chou focuses on simplifying supplement intake; we use whole foods and herbs that are best suited to your health concerns and goals.


At Le Petit Chou we look at food as an entity, which has the potential to enhance your well being. We believe healthy eating tastes delicious, is practical and affordable, brings you a new level of wellness and consciousness and leaves you with overall health and happiness.

Le Petit Chou blends Asian tradition and modern western nutritional science with the wisdom of the slow food movement. Based on the harmony of these principals we create a personal diet.


Cooking for Children

At Le Petit Chou, we understand that feeding children can be challenging. Wouldn’t it be great to understand what your children really need and want?

Le Petit Chou offers consultation to help you understand the importance of healthy eating in children. Learn about healthy eating habits, child’s growth, herbal infusions, organic and whole foods. Understand the importance of rhythm and habits, of healthy rest and sleep, as well as bringing wellness and happiness into their daily lives.

Most important of all, we develop menus and recipes that are sure to please even the fussiest eater in your home.


Disclaimer: The information on this website is intended to inform, not prescribe. I am not a physician. For your health concerns, seek the advise of a qualified health professional.

Geneviève Blanchet

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