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Are phone consultation the same as in-person?

Geneviève offers the same high-quality service over the phone in the comfort of your own home. The schedule is more flexible (day, evening and week ends) and you save time and money on travels! Information, meal plans, resources,recipes and more will be emailed to you during the consultation.

Will you try to sell me pricy supplements or meal replacements?

Le Petit Chou focuses on simplifying supplement intake; we use whole foods, super foods, and herbs that are best suited to your health concerns and goals. This saves you money and makes the process more fun!

I’ve tried every diet, how is this different?

At Le Petit Chou we don’t have diets, there are no prepackaged meals and we don’t count fat and calories. We focus on foods that will nourish you from the inside out, resulting in higher level of clarity and concentration, better sleep and relaxation, more energy and vitality, improved digestion, weight loss and clear skin. By respecting the nuance of your constitution Le Petit Chou helps you creating healthy eating habits to give you both the care and the tools to be successful in achieving permanent weight loss.

How do you know what I need?

I will ask you to fill out a 6-page lifestyle and nutrition intake with your health history and a food log. This information plus my training in western and eastern natural nutrition enables me to know your dietary needs.

Will I need to go on a strict diet?

Le Petit Chou advocates balance, not deprivation, as the way to achieve and maintain a healthy body. Depriving the body of food deprives the body of much needed energy, blood and body fluids.

At work, at home and in the media I can find information on healthy nutrition, what will you tell me that I don’t already know?

At Le Petit Chou we believe that there is no food or health product that is good for everyone. Le Petit Chou help you figuring out what is relevant for you and how to incorporate it into your life. Once you learn what is good for you ~ and only you~ you will be able to nourish yourself to live a healthy and vibrant life.

I don’t have time to cook, can you help me?

Le Petit Chou meet you wherever you are. That can include how to choose the healthier options at restaurants, and how to eat healthy while on-the-go. Le Petit Chou can help you in creating fast-healthy menu and show you how to shop efficiently. Hands-on cooking demonstration and recipes are also available.

What is Chinese 5 Element Theory?

The 5 element theory is an ancient Chinese belief system that says we are surrounded by five energy fields: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element is associated with a direction of the compass,a yin and a yang organ, a sense, a tissue,an emotion,a sound, a colour, a taste, a grain and a season of the year with late summer as the fifth season.These elements are constantly moving and changing therefore keeping all elements in balance promotes harmony in our surroundings and in ourselves.

According to 5 Element Theory, eating foods associated with each of the elements, may promote balance in the body.

Wood is associated with morning and the spring season, the colour green and the wind. The organs that relate to wood are liver, gallbladder and eyes, the tissues are tendons and sinews and the emotions are impatience and anger. The taste of wood is sour and the grains associated are wheat and oats.

Fire is associated with the summer season, the colour red, and heat is the environmental influence. The related organs are the hearth, small intestine and tongue, the tissues are blood vessels and the emotion is joy. The taste of fire is bitter and the grains associated with fire are corn and amaranth.

Earth relates to late summer season, the colour golden yellow and dampness. The related organs are the stomach spleen and mouth, the tissues are muscles and flesh and the emotion is worry. The taste of earth is sweet and the foods associated with earth are millet and barley.

Metal is associated with the autumn season, the colour white and dryness. The lungs, large intestine and nose are the active organs and the emotions are grief and melancholy. The tissues are skin and hair, the taste is pungent and the grain associated with metal is rice.

Water is the winter season, the colour black/dark and cold. The actives organs are the kidney, urinary bladder and ears, the tissues are the bones and the emotion is fear. The taste is salty and the foods associated with water element are beans.

Why are you Using 5 Element Theory and Chinese Dietary Therapy?

In the Tang dynasty, the famous doctor Sun Si-miao said that, when a person is sick, the doctor should first regulate the patient’s diet and lifestyle. Diet is such an important part of our daily life that, unless one’s diet is well balanced, no amounts of herbs, medicines or other treatment can achieve a complete and lasting cure.

The largest study of a nation’s eating habit was undertaken jointly by Oxford University in England, the Chinese Academy for Preventive Medicine in Beijing, and Cornell University in the United States. The scientific study compared the eating habits of 6500 rural Chinese and their health with Western eating habits and Westerners’ health. It was called the Cornell-China-Oxford project on Nutrition, Health and Environment and is still the largest study of a nation’s eating habits of this kind ever undertaken. Ninety percent of the Chinese selected for this study were provincials who ate locally raised foods and stuck to a traditional diet. Among the important findings were the facts that:

Rural Chinese eat, compared to us:

  • 40% more carbohydrates

  • 54% less fat

  • 300% more fiber

  • 1/3 less protein

  • 3 times the plant protein

Rural Chinese women are 80% less likely to die from heath disease, American men are 1700% more likely to die of health disease and China has the lowest breast cancer rate in the world. The more fruits, vegetables and grains and the less meat and animal protein equals to less breast cancer and hearth disease. Rural Chinese eat beef or pork one or two times per month, eggs and poultry a few times a week and fish, if available, is always welcome. The rural Chinese women also consume half of the calcium intake of US women, yet they have much less cases of osteoporosis. The lifestyle is also very important. Meals are sharing with family and friends, relaxing the body and mind daily is a ritual, and exercising and getting plenty of sunshine is also part of their daily lives.

In my experience the wisdom of Chinese dietary therapy can be applied to any national and regional cuisine, Chinese food cure is not limited to congee soup and noodles. Therefore, whether for weight loss, fertility, food sensitivities, prevention or remedial treatment, a balanced diet, and dietary wisdom is something that everyone needs to know. Chinese food cure has that wisdom and I would like to share it with you.

What if I don’t want to use Chinese Dietary Therapy?

My services blends Asian tradition and modern western nutritional science, if you prefer I can provide you with only the latest scientific research or vice versa with the same high-quality service.

What does Le Petit Chou mean?

Le Petit Chou is French. It is a famous term of endearment and it literally translates to “the little cabbage.” Le Petit Chou has a meaning close to “sweetheart” or “preferred, dearest” in English.

What is a (RHN) Registered Holistic Nutritionist ?

A (RHN) Registered Holistic Nutritionist is a professional trained in Natural Nutrition and complementary therapies, whose principal function is to educate individuals and groups about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition.

Conventional medicine overlooks the significance of poor nutrition as a major cause of many health disorders.

Although most people are aware of the benefits of sound nutrition, the range of conflicting information available to the consumer is often confusing. RHNs guide their clients through the maze of information from books, magazines, supplements and diets on the market. They work with clients to identify and help correct the nutritional causes of diseases and they are qualified to design personalized diet and lifestyle programs that optimize health (CSNN.ca).

What is the differences between a Holistic Nutritionist and a Dietitian?

A dietitian is a regulated title in Canada that is earned through a bachelors degree. Typically, dietitians work in a clinical setting like a hospital or other health care facility. They recommend diet based on Canada’s Food Guide, calories and diseases.

A holistic nutritionist focuses on whole foods that are best suited for that specific individual and takes into account their health concerns and goals. The goal is to bring balance back to the body to prevent illness and to live the best one can. Holistic Nutrition does not endorse processed or prepackaged food because the nutritional value decreases and preservatives and additives are introduced. Holistic Nutrition also encourage local, organic foods which provide additional nutrition and is better for the environment.

What is Phytobiophysics flower formulas?

Phytobiophysics is the science of the utilisation of the infinite energy of plants to harmonize and balance the disturbances of humanity on all levels of consciousness: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Flower formulas are vibrational essences. They are made from the energy of plants and flowers. Harnessed plant energy is captured as a memory and used to harmonize all imbalances. To learn more visit dianamossop.com

What is an Herbalist?

An Herbalist is a person who collects, studies, and uses plants, generally in a medicinal manner.

Herbalism is the oldest form of medicinal healing known to man. Currently over 50% of all new pharmaceutical prescriptions contain at least one ingredient either produced directly from plants or discovered from plant sources and later synthesized.

The Traditional Diploma program from l’Hebothèque taught me the principals of organic and biodynamic farming and the fundamentals of anthroposophy. I studied in depth over 130 plants, trees, flower elixirs, mushrooms and their properties for healing. I have  also acquired the skills to understand the causes of diverse health conditions and find a solution to ease them with herbs, nutrition, lifestyle, thoughts, exercises and other methods.

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